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Kindergarten - 5th grade

Kids & tween adventure camp!!

"Christ is building you into a place where God lives through the Spirit."

Ephesians 2:22 (Common English Bible)

Welcome to KID'S ZONE!

The mission for our Children’s Ministries Kid's Zone is to be purposeful in pointing children to Jesus Christ, to help them discover salvation through him, and to support them as they learn to follow him. We believe by learning God’s word together in fellowship with leaders and friends it will develop a hunger and curiosity to know God on a personal level. Our prayer is for children to know God’s word and to apply what is learned in their lives and share with their families and communities.

Kids Zone is meeting during the 9:30 am Worship Service 
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sunday mornings

9:30 am

About Quizzing:
Bible quizzing is Wenatchee Nazarene’s midweek ministry for children going into grades K-6. Your child will learn and memorize God’s Word through fun games, music, and activities. Students will also earn patches for the verses they memorize to be added to their team shirts.

When: Join us from 5:45-7:00pm every Wednesday (with exception of holidays and seasonal breaks) in Kidzone. This year our children will explore the exciting stories in Joshua, Judges, and Ruth.

Cost: Quizzing costs $25 per student (includes one book bag with a study book, t-shirts, and other goodies for each quizzer). We use songs to help us memorize the versus. CD’s will be available for check out at no cost or personal copies can be purchased for $8 each.

Levels: The red level is for younger children (grades K-3), new readers, and older children who need or want a simpler program.
The blue level is for older children (grades 4-6), better readers, and younger children who need or want to be challenged.

Children’s Quizzing competition is based on the philosophy that every child has an opportunity to answer every question, and receives recognition for every correct answer he or she gives. Therefore, Children’s Quizzing uses multiple choice questions, and ties are never broken.

Children and churches do not compete against each other. They compete to reach an award level. 

Wednesday's at 5:45-7:00pm

Join us for games, competition, and win awards while we get to know God through learning His word.
The philosophy of Children’s Quizzing is Bible study. It is important to help children know what the Bible says and help them demonstrate biblical teachings in actual life situations. The goal of Children’s Quizzing is for children to know the God of the Bible.

  • To help children:
  • Desire to study the Bible.
  • Get acquainted with basic Bible study.
  • Grow in understanding of the overall chronology of the Bible.
  • Learn that God is the central character and Hero of the Bible.
  • Gain increased understanding of God as He is revealed in each study.
  • Understand how people in the Bible interacted with God, and know how people today may do so also. • Enjoy quizzing competition.
  • Grow in the ability to reflect Christian attitudes and behaviors during competition.

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