How it all started...

The church of the Nazarene has its roots in the Wenatchee area since the early 1900’s. The congregation met in several locations, including: a small building on south Methow St, in tents during two different periods, at the site of the previous Western Auto Supply on Wenatchee Ave, and at the corner of King and Palouse Streets pictured below.
Rev. Joseph Speakes was the pastor when the construction of the church building at Spokane and Walker Streets was begun. The building was completed and ready for use in 1938. The mortgage- burning ceremony for the church building was held during the tenure of Rev. E.L. Bohannon, who pastored 1943-1948. The building caught fire in 1955, leaving it unusable for several years. 

Expanding the vision...

In 1963 Jim Anderson finishes assembly the iconic spire atop the new and current location on Miller Street.

As the building neared completion under the guidance of two congregants who were also skilled carpenters, Bill Neal and Herb Everhart. Everyone chipped in. Men, women, teens and contributed many hours of construction as well as baby sitting and meals prepped
Finally,  the location was built and opened in March of 1964.

At that time, it wasn't exactly a prime location.
As the years progressed, we found ourselves uniquely positioned by two major schools, a large health care facility and a substantial residential area. Giving us the opportunity to serve vital needs right in our back yard.

Where we are headed...

As we continue our journey, we believe our church is uniquely positioned to minister to the Wenatchee Valley.  Strategically located between several schools and our community’s major healthcare center we are routinely looking for ways to upgrade our facility and make it more of a community resource.  We are also consistently reevaluating our ministries and working to identify new ways we can be like Jesus to North Central Washington. 

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together a 9:15 am and 10:45 am.
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